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Mo.net Source Control - Staying in control of your model development

Software development as an industry has progressed significantly over the last decade, with well-developed best practices that maximise the success factors of any development project. At its core is control of all aspects of the development process, and tools such as source control, software configuration management and automated testing are now standard across the industry. Solvency II legislation has introduced several of these aspects into the financial modelling process and actuaries have to adopt new disciplines and learn a new way of working.

The solution

Mo.net Source Control contains advanced functionality to keep track of all model development, assumptions and results, and recreate them at any time. Integrated source control means that every time anyone makes a change to the models, a new version is created via the Mo.net interface, and the full development history of the model is captured forever. To view and review the changes made, or to restore previous versions of the model, is as simple as clicking a few buttons in the Mo.net application. Not only does this provide full control and visibility of the development process, but the needs of IT and ultimately the regulators for audit and control will also be met.

Even better, Mo.net Source Control can be shared with IT, who can then access the required version and run it - possibly on the cloud or using some other distributed system - so that results can come back more quickly and be fully audited.

The benefits

Businesses and development teams will quickly recognise the audit and collaboration benefits of utilising integrated source control, such as:

  • full audit and documentation of changes of all model development - automatically;
  • reproducibility of models, results and runs;
  • systems that allow model code to be shared, for example, with the IT function to ensure they meet their Pillar 2 requirements under Solvency II;
  • full team shared development capability which will positively impact on model development times; and
  • reassurance for senior management.


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