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Mo.net Calculation Engine - Driving high performance pre- and post-sale illustrations

The provision of accurate pre- and post-sale illustrations is critical to delivering revenue growth and supporting sales and customer servicing operations.

Flexibility and speed are also important so that companies can respond to new business opportunities and regulatory change in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Developing and maintaining such a calculation engine can be time consuming and an expensive process. Specifications written by the actuarial team are interpreted and converted into software components by the IT development team. The output from such solutions has to be tested by the actuarial team and retested whenever a change is made.

Out of the box solutions can also be limiting. Customising such solutions is slow and costly due to the need to specify business requirements to the vendor and scheduling the necessary vendor resources to implement the change.

The solution

Mo.net Calculation Engine is a highly effective solution that allows the actuarial team to rapidly build, test and deliver the calculation algorithms required within pre- and post-sale illustrations.

Once created and tested, these models are converted by Mo.net into standard Microsoft Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) which can be easily integrated into and called by the existing quotations infrastructure. These routines can then be used whenever an illustration is required.

The benefits

This is a proven solution for pre- and post-sale illustrations which is delivering considerable advantages where it is used.

  • Lower development costs - Mo.net's high productivity modelling environment means that actuarial teams who understand the business requirements can deliver a solution in less time and with fewer resources.
  • Flexible and responsive to business change - changes take less time to apply, test and release into production.
  • Fast calculation times - calculation models are automatically optimised for optimum performance and memory utilisation.
  • Consistency - calculation models can be used for pricing, illustration and valuations, ensuring consistency across the business.
  • Simplicity - a simple and generic API is provided that allows a single web service to cope with a variety of product types.
  • Comprehensive - the solution allows for back-dated quotes in respect of any previous version of a model.

Find out today how Mo.net can enhance your illustrations process.


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